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I have not used my blog in a while. I seem to use it a little then for some reason I forget to post for a few months/year. So, while tidying something up I decided to migrate a few things over to Digital Ocean Linode. This meant that I can use one cheap little server to host a couple of very small things. Linode was chosen over Digital Ocean simply due to the server they offer at $5 a month, you get 1Gb of RAM instead of 512mb on the ocean.

First thing to move

The first was my blog, I moved this from SquareSpace mainly because I wanted to use something that I could edit a bit more freely. SquareSpace do offer some styling but this is only avaliable if you pay the extra £. I also wanted to make use of Laravel, this is a wonderful PHP framework written by Taylor Otwell. Mainly because it does nearly all the heavy lifting for a backend system and is written in a simple and clear manner. Time, is something that I don\'t have much of with a busy work schedule and other things so I needed something to get going, enter Canvas. Canvas is a simple blogging platform which is written on Laravel 5.3 (at time of writing) and provides a clear user interface and a plain initial styling. This will get me going very quickly and will allow me to update the theme over time.

Next up

I have another small server which is currently setup using Heroku. This is sitting on their free plan as it only gets used every few days. The site that it runs is a very simple countdown, which tells me (or anyone who goes to that url) how many days till I get married.


The reason for this shuffle is that by combining various bits together and making use of two cheap services Forge & Linode. I can test and run a few other projects faster and spin them out to a separate server if needed.


Richard Styles

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